From humble beginnings we started out as the 1st insurance company in Greenville to offer 24 hour customer support. Our history is one of innovation, leadership and finding new ways to make decisions easier and lives better. See the timeline for a glimpse into some of our firsts.



We started operations online while seeking the perfect location and setting up operations


First physical location

We finally opened up our first physical location after onboarding out first 60 clients.


Started providing wealth advisory

We introduced our online services to the consumer with more resources and one on one support.


240 National clients

We managed to scale up operations as well as bring on affiliates who have made good progress in the recent years to date.


22 Team members

We have scaled up out online and physical operations to be able to provide the best insurance coverage and services to North Carolina.


Insurance is a big deal! Its also an investment in so many ways. With the right policy you can build it up and borrow against it. Build a future and live to enjoy it. Just never be late on your payments. #Responsibility is a #MAJORKEY!